Enhanced by curvilinear concrete walls, warm wood accents and modern furniture, our refreshingly minimalist, light-filled coffee bar is beautifully furnished with bench seating, pedestal tables and spacious booths. The space provides a unique, out of the mold, look and feel, and provides a coffee oasis away from the hustle of downtown Toronto.

In collaboration with Thrillhouse Studios.

The Art of Japanese Roll Cake

Some of the menu highlights include fresh roll cakes, such as our Matcha & Aduki roll cake made with Kyoto matcha and organic red beans, Neo Choux cream puffs, Ham & Brie Sandwiches, and Matcha White Chocolate Cookies.

Everything is made from scratch with ingredients sourced from local purveyors who share the same food values as we do: simple, sustainable, inspired and never pretentious.

In collaboration with Thrillhouse Studios.