Respecting the ingredients and its natural flavours, JaBistro offers a modern and sophisticated approach to traditional Japanese fine dining. Established in November 2012, JaBistro mixes traditional with contemporary by combining the finest, freshest fish from coastal waters around the world, and creating edible works of art designed to surprise and elevate any night out. 


Working with KINKA FAMILY on their JaBistro production was an incredible experience and left room for a lot of creative approaches to the production of their films.

Rhythm of Sushi takes the sounds of the kitchen in combination the beautiful dishes to create a groove representing the personality and joyous nature of the restaurant.


SUSHI -ABURI- blowtorched

From the preparation, to the display of the dish, we follow as the chef delicately crafts his dish with extreme care for his customers.

I recommend this dish if given the chance to visit, which I hope you do!